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Serendipity Sundays- Follow the Turtle

Serendipity Sundays- Turtles

I love watching animals and therefore my visit to the National Zoo was very exciting. Turtles are fascinating to me. I feel a kinship to them as to how they relate to real estate.

Turtles are slow and steady. They move with a purpose. Some agents move slow and steady, too. Some never leave their shells and stay safe inside where they do not grow and prosper. 

Turtles on a log

There is nothing wrong with being prepared and waiting to take risks but in the end, risk is needed to move forward. Have you noticed that a turtle doesn't go anywhere without sticking his head out of his shell? This means taking a chance and a willingness to venture out into the world. Without this risk, he will not be able to eat, enjoy his fellow turtles or get where he wants to go. Remaining in his shell will get him nowhere.

The same is true about real estate agents. Staying safely in a shell doesn't allow the agent to go and grow. We all have to take risks and be willing to get a rejection here and there but also be willing to get an acceptance. Have you taken a chance today?


Serendity Sundays- Follow the Turtles


Join the group in sharing and being reflective on Serendipity Sundays. What are your serendipitous thoughts? 


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