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The Deal Killer Is Coming, Is He Really a Deal Killer?

The Home Inspector Cometh


My love hate relationship with home inspectorsSome agents feel like the home inspector is coming to kill the deal. I don't feel that is the objective of the home inspector, or most home inspectors anyway. To be fair, most do a great job and should not be labeled a Deal Killer. If they do the job properly, the home will stand on its own merits.

We are selling a condo we have owned for many years in another state. Our agent advised us to sell it "As-Is' with the right to a home inspection. A contract came in fast with the home inspection clause. I advise every buyer to have a home inspection even those buying new homes. My property should be no different, right?

Now that I am the seller and my fate lies in the hands of the home inspector I am asking myself will he be fair? Will he present only the facts without creating alarm and panic in the hearts of the buyers? Will he make outlandish statements that cause the buyers to second guess themselves and what they have agreed to pay? Will he throw up roadblocks and make the deal rocky? Will he be a deal killer without even knowing it?

I deal with home inspectors on my own turf every week and know which ones give me concern, create unnecessary problems and which ones do their job very responsibly. There are some that just have to embellish the report by making statements and predictions about the likihood that systems will fail in the next year or too. It makes no difference if these systems have been maintained, serviced regularly and are running in tip-top condition. I sure hope we don't get a prognosticator like that on our condo.

A home inspector should present the facts without embellishments as to whether they like the property or not. They shouldn't render an opinion as to the floor plan or the neighborhood or other properties in the area and how the home compares as to quality. They should state whether they like the builder or not. That is not in the scope of the work. The delivery of the findings can kill the deal.

To be clear, some deals don't need to go through as the properties have serious issues that the buyers were not aware existed. A well-written report can state what these issues are and let the buyers with help from their agent make an educated decision whether the deal should move forward or not.

When an inspector presents himself an expert in all specialized fields of construction it makes the buyers and sellers question how can that be. Buyers put a lot of faith in the home inspection report and I have seen them argue with codes inspectors and licensed contractors that the home inspector is right and everyone else is wrong.  

The home inspector doesn't need to present himself as a know-it-all. and he shouldn't manipulate words to create panic to make himself look good. If he does, he earns the title of Deal Killer and will earn a reputation as such. The word will get out and we agents know which ones they are.  

Home inspectors should be objective and not biased one way or another. I have been assured by our agent that the inspector is fair and does good work. I can deal with that. Time will tell.


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