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Why I Love HGTV Real Estate Shows

It Is Escape from Reality

FantasyHere is my confession, I love watching all the real estate reality,HGTV shows. My husband hates them. He asks me why I would want to work all day and watch these at night? I don't bing on them but do enjoy the escape from my work world. It doesn't follow what actually happens in my day to day adventures in real estate and I find it kind of a game to see what will happen in the end. I use it as a guessing game.

When the shows have the buyers choose from 3 properties, I like to guess which they will pick. I use my many years of experience and my people skills to gauge their reactions, listen to their budget amounts, their needs and read the body language between the couples. In real life I am very good at it and get it right about 80-90% of the time. On HGTV, I miss it every time. 

Does this make me feel defeated or less of a real agent? Absolutely not as I realize these are staged to trick us and if I could have really seen the homes the buyers chose from, I would likely get it right.

I have known a couple of agents that were in these reality shows and know exactly how it all works. The producers want to have the buyers act a certain way, say certain things and they have to agree to be difficult in some areas and appear interested in others to fool us and keep us engaged. 

It works for me as it is an escape from reality and a fun way to step away from day to day actuality and business. It is fantasy and nowhere nearly as easy as it looks. I know from personal experience that buyers do not always make successful offers and live happily everafter in the first home they pick.


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