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Capture the Buyer from the Street

A Little Color Welcomes the Buyer


A little splash of color is welcoming to the buyerWhen you put your Clarksville TN home on the market, you want to make sure you create a good first impression. Buyers like to drive by the homes before they call for an appointment to see the inside. The curb appeal can make or break a sale and kill any buyer interest as soon as they see the home from the street. In addition to having a neat yard, the home in good repair, having some flowers at the entryway to the front door will create a great first impression.

You can plant some seasonal flowers along the walkway and brighten up the path to the front door. These things are welcoming to the buyers. It says to the buyer that the seller cares about his home and gives the buyer confidence that the inside will be equally appealing.


We are lucky in Clarksville that we have mild weather most of the year and flowers grow about 10 months of the year, We are in the heart of our summer season now and all kinds of colorful flowers are flourishing. In a few weeks mums will be added to yards to give some fall color. These will last until November or the first frost.

Remove clutter from the porch and don't be afraid to plant flowers in pots if your space is limited.

Find out what your home is worthRemember if the buyer likes the outside and it feels welcoming, then there is a good chance he will like the inside. For sure the buyer will give it a chance which is what he won't do if he has been turned off at the street.


Capture the Buyer from the Street

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Capture the Buyer from the Street
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