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How Often Should You Check Your Home for Termites?

In Clarksville TN, Termites are a Real Problem

Termite damageHow often should you get your home checked? The answer is about once a year. The best practice is to have a licensed pest inspector do annual checks and get on their schedules. A termite inspection is different than regular pest sprayings. You can have quarterly pest control sprayings that will keep the ants, spiders, and roaches away and still have termites. These do not include checking in areas where termites tend to do damage.

Clarksville TN has the subterranean type of termite critters and they can tunnel and make their way into the foundation and walls of a home rather quickly.  To kill them very strong, special chemicals must be used eradicate them. These are administered by licensed pest control companies. The chemical leaves a barrier that future termites don't want to cross but this barrier weakens over time.

There is a trap system that is used to attract the termites. This is a service the pest control companies can offer and in doing so they give you a warranty that you will not have termites.

Most home closings have a termite check done as part of the inspection and mortgage underwriting conditions. The pest companies will warrant their findings for about 60 days which is a good indication that in a few months time, termites may reinvade the home.

Though the insects can move in quickly and do a lot of damage both structural and cosmetic if you get your home checked routinely you will be able to arrest it, treat the home and stop serious damage from occurring.

Termites like dark and damp places. They tend to swarm and look like pale or light colored flying ants with very long wings. To minimize the chance of getting termites take the following steps:

  1. Remove wood debris from crawl spaces and away from the foundation of any structure. They love to eat this wood laying on the ground.
  2. Do not store firewood next to the house. This is a prime target area.
  3. Look out for damp, low areas where water may pool near the foundation or under the house. Fill with dirt and direct water away from the house.
  4. Be watchful for dirt tunnels built from the ground up block walls, piers, or floor supports. These are the termites' highway.
  5. If you observe places where wood is soft, inside or outside of the home, check into the cause of the problem. It could be termites.
  6. If you see birds swarming around a window or bats around the house that you have never seen before, call in the inspector. Birds and bats love termites and they may be feasting.
  7. When you see swarming insects, check for termites. Most times it means that they have tunneled into the walls.
  8. Get your home routinely checked and inspected at least once a year.
  9. Just because you have had your home inspected before does not mean you are termite free. Remember the inspectors only warrant for about 2 months.
  10. Even if you have had your home drilled and treated before, termites can return. I have seen some homes treated 3 times because the owner failed to keep up the inspections.

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