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What Should I Do When It's Time to Move and My House Hasn't Sold?

Making Preparations to Leave Your Home Vacant 

Summer is moving time for many sellers and when you have to go, your home may not be sold and closed. Though it is a hot market, some homes take longer to sell or it takes longer for the buyer to get financed.


In Clarksville TN with our military population, sellers have to report to their new duty stations and that means they may must move as their orders state. This can be a concern for sellers especially if this is their first time to sell a home.

It's moving time


Since this is a very active market, my recommendation is to keep the home on the market and not give in to the temptation to rent it.

There are steps to take to make sure that your home looks well-cared for even when you are not living there. Your goal is to attract buyers and get the best price and above all a quick sale.

There will likely be some financial pressures coming from the expenses of the move, the your new home and the home you are leaving on the market.  Do not turn off the utilities or fail to maintain regular lawn care. It is absolutely necessary for the home to be in showing condition and to look like it is being cared for. A home that looks neglected or abandoned turns buyers off and calculates into low offers.

Consider these if leaving your home vacant and on the market for sale.

1) Keep the curb appeal looking good. You want it to look like someone is living in the property and this includes keeping shrubs trimmed and pools clean and an inviting blue.

2) Temperatures are hot outside.  When the sun is bright and summer temperatures set in an uncomfortable house is a turnoff. Make it cool for showings. Installing a programmable thermostat will help keep your costs under control. Too hot a house may make the buyer think something is wrong with the air conditioning system.

3) Let their be light. Even with long summer days and lots of sunlight some rooms need extra illumination to show their features. Leave good lighting and supplemental lighting if necessary. If the buyer can't see it, they won't buy it.

4) Turning off electric is bad for the home. The extreme heat can damage drywall tape causing lifting. Wood floors like conditioned air and don't respond well to extreme temps. 

5) No utilities makes a buyer think that you may be in a financial crisis. Having your utilities on will make the house feel like a home and have you ready for an offer and the home inspection and appraisal. It may even save you new deposits and connections fees if you were to turn them off.

6) Water heaters--Turn the breakers to the off position to save money on the water heating costs. When it is time for the home inspections the home inspector will know to turn them back on to check out the unit.

7) Turning water completely off can cause future leaks. The pressure of turning water back on can create pressure points at plumbing joints and cause leaks that weren't there before.

8) Keep window blinds semi-open. Closing blinds completely makes your home look unoccupied. It will also make it dark and hard to show inside.

9) Your agent will be watching your house but also ask a neighbor or friend to watch it.  Another set of eyes is always a good thing to make sure nothing seems amiss or needs attention.

10) Notify your insurance and mortgage companies you are moving.  Make sure you have proper insurance coverage for your vacant home and mail forwarded. Stop all newspaper delivery and trash pick up.

Don't forget that showings produce traffic in the home and there is dirt on people's shoes. Bugs have a way of finding a way inside and toilets get water rings. Have a light housecleaning done every few weeks.

Taking steps to see that your home looks cared for and ready for buyers will be in your best interest by attracting buyers to take a look. Soon you will get an offer. If you have a home in Clarksville TN and would like to know what you home is worth, contact The Real Debbie Reynolds at 931-320-6730.

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