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Tell Me About the Best Schools in Clarksville TN

Buyers Ask Where Are the Best Schools Located in Clarksville?


Homes in ClarksvilleWe in Clarksville have one school system for the whole county and city.  Clarksville/ Montgomery County School System is a well run school district with a commitment to excellence across the county. The school system has won many awards over the years and many of the teachers have been selected as the best in the state. Test scores keep improving and the is done through the dedication of the teachers and administrations. 

It is not my job to make the decision are to the best schools in the county. All schools have high standards. Programs vary from school to school and that is a good way to discern if the school in an area may be right for your child's needs. We have seen a new school superintendent take charge for school year 2017-2018.

Buyers should not exclusively base their home buying decisions on school zones as these have been known to change from year to year. The county is building new schools every few years. This year the County Commissioners have approved building expansion projects on 4 schools and this could create some school realignments. Every time a new school opens the lines are adjusted to fill the new school. We have had new schools opening almost every year for the last ten years and more are on the drawing board.

To find out more about a school I suggest checking test scores and the curriculum being offered. Principals at each school are eager to share with parents about their schools. You may also find some answers to your questions on the Clarksville Montgomery County School System website. 

There is a lot Federal funding in our area as a result of the large number of military dependents we have. Grants also offer the ability to have special programs to offer students. Check out the test scores for the schools by clicking on the zip codes for the area; 37040, 37042, 37043

Tell Me About the Best Schools in Clarksville.  This link will help you determine the school each neighborhood or address is assigned.

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