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15 Steps to a Less Stressful Move Day

Moving day

  1.  Begin Early

Don't wait until the last moment to start planning and packing. I speak from experience that it take lots more time than you will ever imagine.

2. Reach Out Early to the Movers

You want to get prices and estimates and int4erview companies and read reviews. Once you decide get on the mover's calendar before the date is no longer available.

3. Start Cleaning and Sorting

There is not need to pay to move something you cannot use. Start going through those things you have stored away. If you know how much space your new place has, be discerning and eliminate everything you don't need now or think you will not need in the future. Give away, share, throw away or pack it for the move.

4. Gather Packing Materials

If you are not having professional packers then you want to make sure that your possessions are carefully treated and packed properly. Don't skimp on packing materials, bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, a packing tape dispenser and plenty of tape and markers.

5. Use Clothing/Linens to Cushion Fragile Items

You will be moving your clothes and towels, blankets and sheets. Why not use them to protect breakables and fragile items? This will save time and money spent on packing materials.

6. Make Sure Lids Are on Tight 

Give an extra turn to secure lids and make sure liquids will not leak during the move. If possible, secure them in plastic bags or Ziploc for extra security.

7. Pack Like Items Together

Keep food items, kitchen items, garage items and the like in their own boxes. Be sure to label the contents carefully.

8. Label Boxes by Room

Not only label the tops but label all sides of the boxes by the room it is going to. Use markers that are easy to read. 

9. Keep Special Documents/Medication with You 

You will want these to be near you and most likely in your vehicle. Any valuables should also travel with you.

10.Make Plans for the Pets/Kids for the Day

We love them but on moving day they just get in the way and all the confusion can distress them. Ask a friend or family member to entertain them.

11.Contact All Parties for Change of Address

Banks, credit card and loan account, insurance policies, utilities, post office and other places you do business will need to know you are changing addresses. Allow enough time to not lose your mail in the shuffle. Remember you need utility services on the other end of your move, too.

12.Make a Map

On the receiving end of the move, it helps to have a map at the door labeling the rooms. Movers and helpers will know which room to place furniture and boxes. It also helps if you have mapped out the layout of the room. Beds and other large pieces can be set in place correctly.

13.Plan for the Final Clean

As you empty and clean a room entirely, close the door. This is an indication to all that the room has been emptied and there is not need to enter again. It saves steps.

14.Plan for Needed Move Day Items

The day of moving you will need toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, bottled water and snacks, light cleaning supplies, light bulbs, a step ladder, screwdriver (both types), hammer, Ziploc bags, tape, notepad and pen, cellphone charge and flashlight. A box of these needed items will save the day.

15.Plan to Eat

Scope out where and when you want to stop and eat. Many places will deliver and preplanning will keep the workers working and keep people from getting grouchy from hunger. Workers want to feel appreciated and feeding them well will go a long way to getting your move done right all the way until the end.


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