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Is It Luck When a House Sells?

Does Luck Play into Selling a Home?

Does luck help sell homes in Clarksville?
Do you believe in luck? When I think about selling a home, I think there is 95% control over conditions, pricing, marketing, photos, strategies, showings and negotiations. The  5% that is remaining is the unknown such as market conditions or possibly having to deal with an uncooperative buyer or agent. 

Selecting an experienced and hard working agent sets the stage for a series of events to take place that will cause the home to sell. 

The seller must be cooperative and onboard to do certain things to get the home sold. That means he must prepare the home for market by doing repairs and having it looking its best. Home staging helps a home put its best foot forward. 

Pricing correctly and making the home available for showings is a must. Then the agent should follow a specially crafted marketing plan with lots of exposure on the Internet and social media. In Clarksville TN the inventory is low but buyers are not idiots. They know when a home is overpriced or a seller is not reasonable. They will move on.

I say there is a buyer for every home but the buyers have to be able to find it and have desire. The prep work the seller does will pay off as will the exposure the agent gives the home.

The definition of luck means a force or good fortune or adversity or events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual. It is favoring chance or having success. This extra favor can shine on a seller's home.

As a seller you can create favor for the sale of your home. with proper preparation and choosing the right agent. This will create a winning combination. When the two fully cooperate the chances increase greatly.  

But when all these of things line up it does create a force of events that favors a chance of success or luck if you want to call it that. There are no guarantees but just a really good chance you will be looking at a sold sign very soon.

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