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Why Do Buyers Want to Know Days on the Market?

QuestionsInquiring Minds Want to Know.


This is a point of discussion in almost every showing when a buyer is really interested in a property. How long has this property been on the market? In a hot market, buyers may be asking it because they know properties sell fast and if they don't act quickly, they may lose an opportunity to even make an offer. 


Many times this information is on the public websites and buyers know when the properties come on the market and when they go off the market or come back on. We are dealing with very tuned in buyers in 2018.

In a normal market, buyers want to know why a home hasn't sold yet especially if the home appears to be in good condition and priced fairly. This can be cause for concern and prompt the buyer to ask more questions about the neighborhood or potential problems with the home. Nobody wants to feel duped by a pretty package to find out they got a lemon.

In a slow markets, the days on the market question causes the wheels to turn in the buyer's head. How much lower can the offer be? Is the seller unreasonable about possession dates or participating in paying closing costs? Maybe the seller will be so glad to get an offer he will throw in the patio furniture, the pool table and flat screen TV. The buyer is thinking, how will this benefit me?

When showing homes if my buyers are seriously considering a home, they want to know the answer to the question. The days on market does not always reflect a true picture of what has gone on. It could be pure circumstances that the home has not sold or closed and could rest on the fact that previous buyers were not qualified or had unforeseen events that caused the sale to fall through at the last minute.

The buyer's real estate agent should try to find out the history and report to the buyer but that is not always easy. The listing agent may say nothing or say I cannot tell you. One thing for sure is that buyers want to know and if the days are long, the offer to the seller will likely be lower.


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