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Smells Can Turn Buyers Away at the Door

Smells Can Offend a Buyer, Even Perceived Good Smells

When listing a property, listing agents want the seller to put the home into the best shape possible to attract the biggest pool of buyers. Agents have to be bold and share news that some sellers don't want to hear. It is our responsibility and duty to tell the sellers if the house has offensive odors.


When you come from outside breathing the fresh air and step into the home, the smell of pets, cooking, and smoking odors can all be detected immediately. In the seller's defense, when you live with these odors they become part of of you and you stop noticing.


Comments about odors are not meant to offend the seller, they are meant to address the problem. It is my job to help the seller get the best price possible and present the home in its best light. I want my sellers to get top dollar in Clarksville TN.

If I can smell your house, so can the buyer. These odors need to go so the buyer won't turn around at the door.

I believe the best way to eradicate odors is to clean and remove the source, For instance, if it is a pet smell, clean out litter boxes, pet beds, furniture if the pets tend to wallow on them and keep the pets clean. Airing out the home can also help.If it is a smoking smell, don't smoke in the house or garage, clean curtains and drapes, check clothes in the closet for a smokey smell, shampoo carpets and consider cleaning air vents and changing the filters. In some extreme cases you may have to ozone the air with HEPA equipment.

Don't use cover-ups such as plug-ins, scented candles or sprays or potpourri. These can actually make people sick. I have a friend that goes into an Anaphylaxis reaction around perfumes or cinnamon in the air. It can actually become a life or death situation when she breathes these in and I have seen her pass out and need reviving by paramedics.

Remember think clean. Small containers of baking soda or vinegar are natural odor removers that can be placed around the house.


Check these other possible odor offenders:

  • All pet odors including birds.
  • Cooking odors especially strong spices,  fish, cabbage, onions, garlic
  • Garbage or accumulated trash
  • Dirty garbage  disposals
  • Dirty clothes in the clothes hamper or washer
  • Dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Soiled diapers
  • Dog or pet beds or blankets 
  • Rugs, carpets, drapes, upholstery
  • Mildewy smells especially in basements or concrete areas
  • Dirty body odor
  • Sewer gas

Eliminate the odor and you eliminate at least one objection from the buyer.

Smells Can Turn Buyers Away at the Door

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