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The Best Gifts Are Priceless

Some of the Best Christmas Gifts Can't Be Bought

Best Christmas Gifts
Some people are almost impossible to buy for. If they want it, they already have it. There are some folks on my Christmas list that meet that description.  When it comes time to decide what to buy and give a gift, the decision can be perplexing. Nobody wants to give something that will not be appreciated or wanted. Worse yet I don't want to waste the money and have it put away in a drawer or shoved in the top of the closet.

The gift of time is usually very appreciated. There are so many ways to gift this commodity. There is the promise of spending the day with someone and doing something special. There is the gift of listening and showing care. There is the gift of taking time to do a good deed for someone. There is the special gift of taking someone to breakfast or preparing a special dish to share. Fun adventures like visiting museums together or a botanical garden can make a lasting memory. A day at the movies or a special destination lunch or dinner with a friend is a lovely gift.

In the past, I have given the gift of closet organization to friends. Taking nice hangers and a little potpourri adds a nice touch. 

Offering to run errands or help someone clean their house are really appreciated. Sitting with a friend or taking a friend to the doctor shows support.

Just spending time with a friend being a friend, visiting the elderly or sick, offering to pick up some groceries or surprising someone with a special treat are wonderfully appreciated gifts that can't be bought in stores. To make it really special, put the promise in writing as an IOU and put inside a pretty card. Remind the person you will be calling to set up a date for the special event.

The gift of sharing your time is the best gift of all and is priceless. People don't need more stuff, they need to know you care and have you show it by sharing of yourself.

Some of The Best Gifts Are Priceless

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The Best Gifts Are Priceless
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