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How to Get Rid of Those Thanksgiving Calories

Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner Calories

ExerciseThe day after has many of us feeling heavy and lethargic with the consuming of thousands of extra calories. Thanksgiving Dinner is when people tend to overeat and over-drink. Most of us don't realize that a traditional Thanksgiving meal can have as many as 3500 to 5000 calories. This is double what most of us should consume in an entire day. 


It's not too late to take action and crank up your exercise regime to help burn more calories. and make these suggestions to get those calories burned up faster. Adding segments of one or two of these to your daily routine will have you feeling better faster.

  1. 7.5 hours of running
  2. 10 hours swimming
  3. 7 hours of cycling at 12-14 miles an hour
  4. 7 hours of touch football
  5. 13 hours of walking at 3.5 mph
  6. 7 hours of swimming laps
  7. 5 hours of jumping rope
  8. 12 hours of lifting weights
  9. 9 hours of vigorous dancing
  10. 19 hours of average intensity sex

Keep your regular routine in place and add this to it. It may take several days to undo the damage and start to feel your old self again.

Remember searching and looking for a new home can burn extra calories too. There is lots of walking, standing and brain power needed. A vigorous day of house hunting could burn 1500 calories a day.


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