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If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Isn't Real

Be On Alert When Something Sounds Too Good To Be True

Be on alert when it looks too good to be  trueThe scams are many and they keep coming. They are extending to mail fraud and require sending money with expectations of getting even more money back. One call I got this week was a call supposedly from the IRS about a debt I owed. The threat came by way of a recorded phone conversation that said if I didn't immediately call the number given, I would be arrested and put in jail within 24 hours.


We here at ActiveRain have received emails from the distressed military Captain that needs help in getting money out of the Middle East. I hope none of us fell for that one.


People that are trusting by nature tend to believe that these offers and requests are true. They want to do the right thing and find themselves deep into the drama. It almost always invovles sending money via a wire or cash card that cannot be traced. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't real. Hang up, hit the delete button, do not fall for the scam. It's fake.

There are place where you can check out scams that are frequently being used. Go to this website or to to check out any plea for money or scams involving services. 

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to these scams. My dad got scammed several times and truly believed he was going to win a sweepstake. Have a talk with your aging parents and others that may be susceptable to this. Those on a fixed income must stretch their dollars and make every dollar count. There is no money to waste. 

When It Sounds Too Good To Be True It isn't Real.

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