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Blessings Continue from Helping a Disabled Veteran Build a Home

WheelchairIn thinking back over my decades in the real estate, I fondly remember a precious young family moving to Clarksville to be near the Veterans Hospital and military base. The dad/husband was a Veteran and had suffered a spinal cord injury during service that rendered him a paraplegic. He would never walk again and had heart problems and numerous other medical conditions that resulted from the trauma of the injury.

The family's goal was to live in a small town and have as normal a life as they could. The 3 children were beautiful, well mannered, smart and included a set of  twins. They all wanted to build a home where the children could have their own rooms. the dad could reach and live in all parts of the home and there was room in the backyard for a swimming pool. I was the lucky agent they chose to work with because they wanted to work with an agent with a smaller company. Together, we found the perfect lot, perfect floor plan and the perfect builder.

The VA had grants available to help with the  design and equipping of the home with features to help this disabled Veteran. The building process took 7 months but it was worth it. The home turned into a dream home and the closer we got to completion, the happier they all became. The closing was a celebration of a long journey and a new beginning.

This family has remained special to me. I would see them at church events, ball games and around town.  I noticed the dad's health declining and his pain level failing to be managed by medication. He still had a sunny attitude but the injury was beginning to win the battle.  The children grew up, married and moved out of the house.

One day, I learned that dad had died. He and his wife were still living in the big house and I realized I would be hearing from her in the future about a possible relocation. That day came about a year after his death. She wanted to check into her options and consider downsizing but she wanted to stay in town. It was her home town now. The time was not right.

We continue to stay in touch because the day has not yet come for her to sell the family home. These things have to happen in their own time.  I know it is getting closer but there is no pushing from my end. That is not how I treat people, friends or do business.

I still can envision the happiness of making their dream come true over 25 years ago. They have lived in that lovely neighborhood where their children thrived. They developed friendships easily and now the mom is surrounded by people that care and love them all.

The dad's great sense of humor and friendliness made it one of those transactions that you enjoy from the beginning to the end. There are blessings that come from working with special people and when those people have physical restrictions and difficulties it is even more of a blessing. In fact, I would have worked for free, it was that pleasurable and fulfilling. Helping a Disabled Veteran has special rewards.

I learned that they deserve to have quality of life, a chance at normalcy. I learned about the needs of the disabled and I learned about the new construction adaptations that can be made to aid in their daily tasks of living. I also learned that there are many programs in place to help the disabled all the way from money to adapt their homes to property tax and income tax breaks. It opened my eyes to the fact that attitude can and will  push through these barriers and blessings flow to all those around that allow themselves to get close and know really them. 


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Blessings Continue from Helping a Disabled Veteran Build a Home
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