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Serendipity Sundays - Stop, Think, Consider the Consequences

Serendipity Sundays - You Are Being Tracked


There are some people that think nothing of taking salt and pepper shakers from a restaurant or towels from a hotel room. They think since they are a customer, they are entitled to take whatever isn't nailed down.

This is a true story. At a local barbecue restaurant, these cute pig paper towel holders are on the tables. The tables are on a covered deck and food is purchased at the window and then you go take a seat at one of the picnic tables to eat and enjoy.

GPS pig

One customer decided these were so cute she wanted to take one home with her. When the owner of the restaurant discovered it was missing, he knew he could get his pig back. You see he had a young techie install GPS tracking inside of each pig just for an occasion like this.

So the police was called and when the policeman arrived he told the owner that his pig was gone for good. Then the owner showed the blip on his phone that was tracking the location of his paper towel holder. The policeman became a believer and told the owner to get in the police car.

The tracking system gave them turn by turn directions and led them to a house in a residential area. They went to the door and a sweet young woman answered asking what it was she could help them with. The policemen said they were there to recover the paper towel pig that had been removed from the restaurant a short time ago.

The woman denied knowing anything about it and insisted they had the wrong address. Then she was shown the tracker and knew she was caught. Her husband appeared and said he told her not to take it then quick retrieved it from the back of the house.

Even though it was recovered, that wasn't going to solve the whole problem because the woman was put under arrest. She was taken to jail. 

When her court date came up she pleads her case to the judge that this would cause her to lose her job when her employer found out. The judge reassured that her employer would know and that she also had an $800 fine and 30 days community service to serve. 

Lesson learned: Somebody or something is always watching. When something is so cute you have to have it, ask the owner where you can buy one like it and certainly don't take it without asking. It's stealing and that is against the law.

Serendipity Sundays - Stop, Think, Consider the Consequences

Join the group in sharing and being reflective on Serendipity Sundays. What are your serendipitous thoughts? 


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Serendipity Sundays - Stop, Think, Consider the Consequences
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