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Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

May is Skin Cancer Prevention Month

A good tan looks healthy but may not be smart. Tanning is trendy and this time of year many are trying to get a jump on looking good for the summer by using tanning booths and laying out in the sun to accelerate the process.

I admit I like to have some color to my skin but not using the right protection when out in the sun can come back to bite us as we age. I know many people that have had cancers removed from their skins in their 50's and 60's. Too much sun exposure, even unintentionally, can greatly increase chances of getting skin cancer.

My dad was a mail carrier in Florida and even though he wore a hat he got skin cancer on his face. Over the years he had place removed on his face to prevent it from spreading. In those days wearing sunscreen was not the norm and people did not always take precautions to protect themselves. Today we know better and can be smart and protect our children and ourselves. Getting a severe sunburn will increase the chances of getting skin cancer so beware.

May is skin cancer detention and protection month. Many different types of cancer result from sun overexposure and melanoma is one of them. Read these shocking facts about melanoma.  this is an extremely bad cancer and hard to treat. The good news is that skin cancer is preventable and curable if detected early on.

  • Stay out of the sun whenever possible
  • Take ever precaution to avoid sunburns
  • Use light layers of clothing the reflect the heat and protect the skin
  • The scalp can burn as well so wear a hat
  • Use sunscreen all year long
  • Check you body for skin changes or ask your partner to do that for you
  • Get regular doctor checkups and skin exams
  • Do not use tanning beds, these are so dangerous to your skin

Cures have advanced greatly over the years. Early detection is important so look for the signs and get them checked out. Be smart and play safe when outdoors. Remember you can also get a sunburn on cloudy days and in the dead of winter on a sunny day with snow on the ground. 

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

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