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Serendipity Sundays- Return of the Butterfly

Serendipity Sundays - Butterflies Return

It several months since these beauties have visited my garden. Each year they come back in larger numbers and come a little earlier than the year before. This is a swallowtail butterfly. There are hundreds that come to savor the sweet nectar of my butterfly bushes. These are sweet smelling blooms that make me understand why they come to savor the nectar. The weather was has been warm and the early arrival tells me these creatures thing that summer has arrived.

Butterflies return

There are many varieties that visit my yard each year. The colors and sizes range from small white ones that my grandsons call white angels to large black ones with blue coloring which are also swallowtails. I have counted dozens on one butterfly bush at one time. These bushes also attract bees that love to feed on the nectar. Somewhere close there is some delicious honey being made.

Butterflies are quite common in Clarksville TN. We have beautiful springs, pretty and lush sumemrs, colorful falls and mostly mild winters.

Join the group in sharing and being reflective on Serendipity Sundays. What are your serendipitous thoughts?  

Serendipity Sundays - Return of the Butterfly

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Serendipity Sundays- Return of the Butterfly
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