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Winning Gold, Winning Listings - Important Takeaways

Coming in Second or Third Doesn't Win the Paycheck. Practice Puts It Within Reach.

I have been watching the Olympics and observing the reactions of those athletes on the winners stand. The person that wins Gold is clearly The Winner. These Gold Medal Winners are the ones grinning ear to ear and feeling like all their efforts, hard work and training have paid off. They are often World Record Setters and will get the paychecks and big endorsements that follow winning Gold and coming out on top.

Olympic Medals

How does this relate to the agent that wins the listing? The agent that wins the listing, especially in a hot market, wins Gold. He will get the calls on the listing, get potential buyers, get other listing opportunities from neighbors and friends plus other referrals may result. In the end when it is priced right and the sale comes together the Gold Winning Agent wins a paycheck. 

What does the Silver Medalist get? I have witnessed their disappointment. What if he had worked a little harder then it might have been him on the Gold Stand. With just a little more effort, maybe only a hundredth of a second he could have had his moment of fame and the resulting money that will follow. The same is true of the agent that comes in second on the listing appointment. The paycheck doesn't go to Second Place, only placing first has the winning Gold opportunity.

Surprisingly, the Bronze Medalist seems happier than the Silver Medalist. He is glad to have made it this far and that he got to compete at all. His takeaway is the experience and getting to compete with winners and aspiring to improve. Next time with practice, more training and focus he will be better and Gold is within sight.

The same is true with the Bronze agent that didn't score the listing but was in the running. This agent treats it as an opportunity to excel and a chance to grow and learn. This agent may ask the seller why the Gold agent was chosen and apply these takeaways to do better next time. The Bronze agent knows more training and practice is necessary and he too can win Gold.

Coming in second or third doesn't win the paycheck, more practice puts it within reach.


Winning Gold, Winning Listings- important Takeaways

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Winning Gold, Winning Listings - Important Takeaways
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