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How Long from Contract to Closing in Clarksville TN?

Will It Be Quick or Get Hung Up?

Closing my Clarksville TN homeIt can be very quick to get to closing if there are no contingencies on the sale. The buyer should always take the time to get a home inspection even if the seller is not going to do any repairs.

It can be slow. Financing takes time and can take up to 6 weeks. Cash transactions can close in just a few days if the title exam comes back clean. 

In Clarksville TN many of our financed homes can close in 30 days or under. The lender has to stay on top of the loan processing and the appraiser has to do his job with no delays or hiccups. The buyer cannot cause delays in getting all documents to the lender. The home inspection has to be ordered immediately and resolved favorably. So in 30 days it can be done but it is a very tight time frame. 

Contract to Closing When Buying Your Clarksville TN Home

Contract to Closing When Selling Your Clarksville TN Home

Any glitch along the way like a problem with the home inspection, a low appraisal, repairs required by the lender, a problem with the title, any of these can delay the closing days or weeks. If the underwriter needs more explanation about the buyer's documents or additional verifications, this will hold up the closing. If the buyer has a change of jobs, a change in credit or debt load during the loan process, the deal can actually fall through.

TRID created new rules for disclosures and closing forms. This Know Before You Owe program requires the borrower on financed properties to see the figures 3 days before the closing. This is a good thing and  insures the buyer has seen the charges and knows what to bring to closing. This has made it better for the real estate agent too. Buyers rarely have questions about their loan that have not been answered by the lender. It is all for the purpose of protecting the consumer according to the CFPB. So far this new process delays financed closings 3-5 days. 

Cash closings are not affected by the TRID rules. If the buyer wants a very fast closing and the buyer moves to close without an inspection, a closing can take place in 4-5 days.


How Long from Contract to Closing in Clarksville TN?


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