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7 Top Things You Need to Do After the Closing

7 Must-Do's you may not have thought about after the Closing

Change the locksNow that you have closed on your new home you don't want to forget these important steps. I know, moving and getting settled is on your minds but these things will creep up on you.

  1. Spray for pest before you move in. This will ensure that you don't have any unwanted occupants ruining the enjoyment of your new home.
  2. Do a little extra cleaning around doorknobs, switches, cabinet door pulls, toilet seats, sinks, bathtubs and showers, etc. A Clorox wipe will help keep germs away. Clean the dryer vent before you hook up the dryer duct.
  3. Change over the utilities into your name including cable, trash collection and any HOA records. It is also a good idea in a few days to check in with the property tax authorities to make sure the records have been changed to your name. Protect your investment. 
  4. Call the locksmith and get the locks rekeyed. You don't know who has keys or access codes to gates, security systems and remotes to your garage. Clear them and change to create real security.
  5. Contact all your accounts and do an address change. Don't forget your voter's registration, drivers license, insurance companies, banks and investment accounts, doctors and dentist offices and the personnel records with your employer.
  6. Change the batteries in smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. You don't know when they were last changed.
  7. Go online and get any manuals on appliances and systems you don't have available. Save them to your computer for easy access in case of a malfunction.

Now the moving fun begins and your new home will be ready for making memories.

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