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A Lean and Spacious Looking House Has Buyer Appeal

Get Your Clarksville Home Ready to Sell, Think Lean, Think Clean 
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When you are ready to sell your Clarksville home, you need to think like a buyer. Buyers like light and bright homes and want plenty of space. They like clean and homes that are smelling good.  There are definitely strategies to getting your home looking top notch and forged into the minds of buyers. 

Getting your home ready to sell takes planning and execution of the plan. It isn't always easy but think lean. Less is more when it comes to decorating and presenting a home for market. Buyers get turned off by too much stuff, too much decor, too much personal touch. Too much smell and too much staging can turn buyers in the other direction.

Here's how to get started and make a plan.

  1. Take it one step at a time. Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare. Remember that it takes twice as long as you might think to get ready. Projects grow and you will get tired. Call in reinforcements if you need them. 
  2. Plan to do the outside projects on the good weather days and be willing to hire help to beat the bad weather. Be adaptable.
  3. Look closely at the front porch and front door and be honest with yourself. This is where the buyers will stand the longest taking it all in. First impressions are made quickly and the die may not be cast in your favor if this area is negative. Do everything you can to make it look welcoming.
  4. Go room by room and be very discerning and critical. Clean out, thin out, think lean. Less is more. Opening up the space, allowing good traffic flow will give the impression that the home is larger and not too small. Buyers don't want to see all your extra stuff and excess.
  5. Thin out and organize those closets. Have room between hangers and neatly organize shoes and other items. If you can't see floor or wall space in the closet, pack up more stuff until you do. This is a great time to donate or throw out.
  6. Don't forget cabinets and countertops. Clear off, clear out and think lean.
  7. Other storage areas need attention too. The basement, attic, storage rooms, garages and storage buildings will get serious looks from an interested buyers. These are extensions to the home. Making them look roomy and clean works for conveying the idea the house has plenty of storage. This is bonus area.

Get Your Clarksville Home Ready to Sell, Think Lean, Think Clean 

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