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Number One Reason Your Home Doesn't Sell

Now that I have your attention I am going to share with you some bold facts as to why homes don't sell. Many parts of country have had very hot markets and almost everything has sold. Even homes that weren't in good condition and difficult to show sold because buyers needed a place to live and acted quickly, emotionally and without a lot of consideration.  Markets are beginning to change and buyers are not jumping like they were before.

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If your home has been on the market and not sold, there is one main reason. Your home is overpriced and buyers were not willing to pay the price. You either haven't been guided and listened to your agent as to what the price should be or you have tried to go it on your own. Meantime, you have let opportunities pass you by as buyers have swarmed the markets and buying homes that made more sense than yours did.


No matter the condition of your home,  a lower price will make up the difference and it will sell. You have to be open-minded and cooperative when the offer comes in and realize you have a ready, willing and able buyer. Don't let a real buyer slip through your fingers by being emotionally attached to your home and thinking you will get back every dollar you spent on improvements.


Real estate agents what to represent serious sellers. Serious sellers take the advice of their agents and follow the plan to get it sold. In most markets, the following steps will get your home sold.

  1. Do not overprice your home.
  2. Have your home in market ready condition to sell or greatly adjust the price to make up the difference.
  3. Make your easy to show by removing pets and not restricting showing hours.
  4. Be more than competitive by offering a little more than your competition is offering.
  5. Listen to your agent and be responsive to suggestions if the market changes.
  6. Don't try to go it alone or be a know-it-all. Your agent is trained and knows how to move property in all kinds of markets.
  7. When an offer comes in, look for the good points and see if you can come to a compromise. Most offers need a little massaging.


Number One Reason Your Home Doesn't Sell is the price is wrong for the market or doesn't fit your home in it's condition.


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