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Beat the Competition or The Competition Will Beat You

Had Lots of Showings? Got No Offers?

Clarksville TN Homes for SaleSellers putting their homes on the market in Clarksville TN want to know how quickly they can expect an offer. With a 3-4 month supply of homes, if a home is not getting offers then this is a clear indication that something needs to be done quickly. 

It is even more troubling when there are lots of showings and no offers. Why are the buyers rejecting the home? The main reason there is no offer is the competition is better. Buyers are moving on to something they perceive that's better. 

What can be done to increase the chances of getting an offer?

  1. Check the condition of the home. Does it have curb appeal? Does it smell and look clean and decluttered? Consider doing some updates to make it look more current and up to date. 
  2. Does it need staging? This can help the buyer see rooms at their best. Staging opens the imagination of the buyer.
  3. What do the online photos look like? Are the descriptions enticing and presenting the property in a good light?
  4. Is the price too high? Price competitively and even a little under the competition. Some markets can change in just a few weeks time. Adjust. This will not only get you more showings but might get better offers. 
  5. Maybe its time to change some of the marketing. Try something new and inventive. Offer to pay for a home warranty or some buyer closing cost. Think outside the box.
  6. Look hard at the neighborhood to see if that is the problem. The neighbor's barking dog may be a turn off. If you can, have a talk with the neighbor. 
  7. Is it easy to show or are there long scheduling time delays? Many buyers want to look on short notice so make sure they can get in quickly.

What is your Clarksville TN home worth?
Had Lots of Showings, Got No Offers?
 Take action quickly. You do not want the home to linger and get market stale. This will hurt the selling price more than anything else.

Beat the competition or the competition will beat you. 


Here are some tips to beat the competition and get you lots of showings. 

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Beat the Competition or The Competition Will Beat You
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