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10 Low Budget Fixes That Bring a Bigger Bottom Line

A Little Money in the Right Places 10 Places Produces Big Results

10 low budget fixes that bring a bigger bottom lineA seller doesn't have to spend tons of money to make his house competitive. Many of the items he can do are low budget items and if done correctly can bring significant dollars to the seller's bottom line.

Let's start with the outside and work our way inside. If we can get the buyers in the door we have a much better chance of getting an offer, a Really Good Offer.


1. Landscape Is an Attention Getter.

Prune, trim, edge, pull weeds and mow. Adding some fresh flowers and mulch makes it look fresh and loved. Too much landscape doesn't let the home show through and two little makes it look naked. You need the right balance.


2. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint to the Front Door.

Make sure the front looks clean and inviting. You may need new hardware to make it shine. Remove clutter from the front porch area. Planters with a little color make it look welcoming.make a world of difference. If you have window shutters make them fresh looking, too.

3. Clean Your Windows and Siding.

Dirty windows show neglect and so does mildewed siding. Get a pressure washer and do some cleaning. If you don't have the time to do it yourself then hire it done.


4. Make Your Home Smell Good.

Clean is the best smell there is. Air out the curtains, shampoo the carpets and rugs, get rid of stinking dogs beds. Don't smoke in the house and be very conscious of strong cooking smells. Places bowls of vinegar and baking soda around will help absorb odors. Ozone machines will also help remove odors. Don't hide odors, get rid of them. Use air fresheners sparingly as buyers are often turned off by these heavy scents.


5. Declutter and Thin Out.

Rooms will grow will less furniture and stuff. Less is better. If you can do without it, pack it up, give it away or throw it away. Your closets need to look like you have room to spare. Too much on walls is also a distraction. A little decor is preferred to too much decor.

6. Clean the Places You think a Buyer Will Never Look.

Serious buyers look in all the wrong or right places. They open doors, cabinets, return air grills to HVAC units, attics, basements and even in the refrigerator. Just to be on the safe side, have these areas spotless. If all goes well they need to be cleaned for the move anyway.

6. Paint Walls and Trim if Necessary.

If your walls and trim are scarred and dirty, paint them. If the colors are too dark or too light, paint them. Painting with a trending color can boost your house into HGTV status. Don't be afraid to use color but don't go overboard with too many colors and conflicting colors schemes. Fresh paint makes a home smell better too.


7. Change Out the Small Outdated Items.

New hardware on doors and cabinets can make a dramatic difference. A new light fixture here or there can make a room look totally new. Give it a try. This will catch a buyer's attention.


8. Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential. You can do this by adding more wattage or more light fixtures. Opening the blinds and curtains can be like turning on a light switch. Add a well placed mirror here or there can make a room look bigger and reflect light. This makes it look bigger and better.

9. Staging Can Present the Package in a Better Way.

A little power washing can make a world of difference and make them look like new. The outside elements leave dirt and grime behind and over time they discolor and make these look dingy. If you don't have a power washer, rent one or use a power nozzle on your garden hose and some cleaner. It will be worth it.

9. Don't Forget the Landscaping

Clean out the shrub beds, trim shrubs and mow the lawn. While you are selling be diligent and do not let it get overgrown and tall. Everyone loves a neat and well-cared for lawn.

10. Consider Flying a Flag or Placing a Pretty Wreath on the Door.

It may not work in your area but it works in mine. These grab the buyer's attention and they don't know exactly why. It makes the house stand out from the competition. Flying an American flag looks good and patriotic and we all know we need more patriotism.

10 Low Budget Fixes That Bring a Bigger Bottom Line.


These 10 Low Budget Items will make a huge difference is the presentation of the home and bring more money to the seller's bottom line. From the curb to the front door to engaging all the senses of the buyer when they step inside, to making the home look roomy and bright, if a buyer can see himself living in the home the next step is to make the offer, a Really Good Offer.


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