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Odors Are Not Always What They Seem

The House Smells Like Cats

Cat pee
This is not what you want to hear on your listings especially when you know the seller doesn't have a cat. Bad showing feedback is hard to deliver to the seller. Our job as the listing agent is to share the good with the bad and to figure out ways to overcome the negative in the future.

We want the property to sell and if the price is right and conditions are good, the offers should come in. Negative feedback spreads from one agent to another and should be taken seriously and addressed.

When I got negative feedback that my listing smelled like cat pee I was shocked. I have a super sensitive smelling mechanism and had detected no cat odor. The agent said it almost knocked them down at the front door and the buyer refused to go any further. What could it be? Maybe iI had missed something but I knew I had to have a heart to heart with the seller. It was clean and looking good when I had left the home a couple of days before. 

When I shared this with the seller she was as shocked as I was and confirmed she had no cat. The small dog stays mostly outside but when inside is kenneled. So what could the odor be?

Did the seller use any special cleaning products before the showing? The answer was no, she did nothing different. She did say she plugged in her scented candles to make the house smell fresh. That must be it as I know that these scents affect people in different ways. Some think they just plain stink. I suggested that the seller not use any scented candles or fragrance while we were marketing the home. The best smell in a home is a clean fresh smell.

In the future,  I need to remind my sellers to refrain for using scents as they may turn buyers away at the door. Thankfully, this seller stopped scenting the home and the next buyer that saw the home, bought it.

Odors Are Not Always What They Seem.

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