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Serendipity Sundays - Computer Doctors

Serendipity Sundays - Remote Doctors
Computer doctors

At a local football game I ran into one of our local doctors and we talked about the changes happening in the medical field. He said that the hospital he is associated with is already using doctors in Australia to read their x-rays. Though they have a Radiologist on staff, that doctor has more than he can do so the overflow is sent to Australia for reading. Since everything is digital, why not?

Though this was a little shocking what he said next really surprised me. I had heard it was coming but didn't realize that we are very close to having surgery done by doctors across the country or world via robotics. Surgical staff would attend the patient but the doctor skilled in a particular surgery with use a computer to operate the robot that does the work. Much of the surgery would be pre-programed into the computer prior to surgery based on measurements and data gained through advanced testing.

Since I hear there a shortage of doctors coming out of med schools, maybe this is an answer to the shortage problem we are facing. 

We already have hospitalists that attend patients while they are in the hospital and few of our primary care doctors are listed as the doctor of record. The personal touch is being removed and replaced with computers, remote doctors and offsite care.

I wouldn't be surprised that in the not too distant future we will have our doctor visits done remotely with a nurse or technician running a scope over us and the doctor reading the results. Maybe the doctor's face will be on a big screen on the wall and it will feel like he is right there in the room with us. 

Have you noticed that hospitals welcome family members and friends to stay all day and overnight to help with the care? I remember when they would run you us out of the rooms when visiting hours were over. Do you?


Join the group in sharing and being reflective on Serendipity Sundays. What are your serendipitous thoughts?  

Serendipity Sundays - Computer Doctors


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