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Advice for New Agents Getting in the Business

Re-Evaluate Along the Way

In prelicense training the new recruits are so excited and talk about which company they should sign with. I encourage they talk with more than one and compare the differences.

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There are many things to consider with commission splits being only one part of the equation. Consider these things and ask yourself these questions.

  • The company culture needs to match up with the new agent's personality and goals. I believe you can feel it when you walk in the door.

  • Commissions are paid in many ways. Evaluate those against the fees that will be charged. The bottom line is reached in more than one way.

  • Look for the potential for growth. I encourage each new agent to get additional education and to get a brokers license.

  • Look for the opportunity to learn and be trained and mentored. Find out who will be there to answer questions, review contracts and get you out of sticky situations if they occur. Who will have your back?

  • What are the rules and practices of the company? Know what is expected of you.

  • Review constantly, dig in and seek out resources to learn. Success rests mostly on the commitment and investment and how much is given. 

  • At 90 days take a realistic look at the progress. Is it getting easier? Are you loving what you are doing? Is success within reach? 

If the choice you made is not working for you, I suggest you ask if you have given it your all. If you truly have worked your butt off but feel you lack support or the environment or staff is not supporting you, it may be time for a change. Take action while you still have desire and a desire for success.

I tell students if they are faltering and wait until they have been in the business for 6 months, the change they may be seeking is Out of the Business.

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