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Coming Soon Status Has Come to Realtracs MLS

Coming Soon Signs Have a Useful Purpose

Coming soon signsRealtracs, the MLS system of Middle Tennessee has added the Coming Soon Status to listings. Though this is not for public access and will not be syndicated to other real estate sites, it will allow agents that are searching for certain properties that are members of Realtracs to get first hand knowledge of the upcoming listings and prepare their buyers for the active showing date.

People want to be in the know. In a competitive market, buyers have to move fast in making their offers. To be able to know that a home is going live in a few days allows the buyer  time to get financing in order and the buyer to screen the neighborhood and the outside of the home. When showings start they can be one of the first and even have their offer ready to send. 

To play fair, the listing agent should allow no early showings unless all showings are to be allowed. Some buyers think if the call the listing agent directly that they can get into the property before anyone else does. Our REALTOR® Code of Ethics says to treat other agents fairly and work in the best interest of the client. It is not in the best interest of a client to shut out all other buyers but one that may get an early look and it is not treating other agents fairly if the listing agent is trying to capture all the showings and denying access to other agents.

This change of status to Coming Soon is a new category for listings now being offered by our MLS. I believe this is in the best interest of sellers and agents and if used correctly will be a tool to help listings sell faster.

Here are some of the benefits of using Coming Soon Status for buyers and sellers. 

  • Sellers love getting the word out sooner than later. When the listings goes live, they want buyers lined up to see their home.
  • This gives the seller a little more time to get the home looking tip-top. With the going live date pending, there is no time for the seller to lolly-gag.
  • The sign in the yard gets the neighbors talking. They might know someone interested. 
  • It identifies the home as one coming on the market. Those buyers that are notified by their agent that it is coming can readily identify it when driving by.
  • Buyers are watching and this gives them time to get their financing in place and ready to take action when it goes live. 
  • I like promoting the Coming Soon listing by blogging and telling other agents about it. Word spreads. 
  • I find it produces a quicker sale and the buyers are prepared.
  • A quicker sale shows you are doing a great job. Neighbors, buyers and sellers talk and tell their friends. 

I ask sellers if they want a Coming Soon promotion on their home. They get to decide if this works for them or not. I explain the benefits and the fact it allows the seller a little more time to get the home in order.


While the MLS allows a property to stay in this status for up to 30 days I do not want it up more than 2 weeks. If it is in writing from the seller it complies with state law and is not misleading to the public. 

Remember no showings during the Coming Soon period but the going live date will be stated.

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Coming Soon Status Has Come to Realtracs MLS
Coming Soon Signs Have a Useful Purpose Realtracs, the MLS system of Middle Tennessee has added the Coming Soon Status to listings. Though this is not for public access and will not be syndicated to other real estate sites, it will allow agents that… more
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