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Throwback Thursday- MLS Evolution

Throwback Thursdays - Remember the MLS Books

Old MLS BooksBefore computers were used in real estate we had newsprint and MLS books. As I entered the business in late 1980, there were no books. Agents made photocopies of a handwritten description and photo of their listings and delivered to the other real estate companies in town.

The really organized agents put these in a 3 ring binder and used it as a reference. Back in those days we got a bigger share of the commission if we sold in-house. When that wasn't meant to be we used the photocopies to find other properties that might work for the buyers.

Two months after getting into real estate we got published books of the listings. The book was like the Bible and we scoured it looking for properties that we could sell.This was a highly confidential book and not to be shared under the threat of being fined. I remember I let a buyer take my book home overnight and rendered a $100 fine. That was huge in those days and equal to $1000 today. Now the public has access instantly and doesn't have to ask permission.

Listings were published on newsprint and the ink got all over our hands. As compared to the photocopies, we felt very sophisticated. As properties sold, we would X them out and sell from the remaining inventory. There was a glossary of sold properties at the back of the book and we could see what the properties sold for.

We gave up the books around the year 2000 and went purely online. Look how far we have come. Everything is electronic and instance. Our MLS updates the feeds every 4 minutes. We can upload 30 photos, documents, virtual tours and links to relevant websites. The consumer has the information almost immediately. 

We get annoyed when the technology gets a glitch and slows us done. We want it running 24 hours a day and accurate as can be. We have no tolerance for delays and complain when the data is less than accurate. I shared with several MLS Boards this week at the Mid-Year Meetings about how far we have come. Much of this happened, way before the Board members and staff were born.


Throwback Thursdays - MLS Evolution

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Throwback Thursday- MLS Evolution
Throwback Thursdays - Remember the MLS Books Before computers were used in real estate we had newsprint and MLS books. As I entered the business in late 1980, there were no books. Agents made photocopies of a handwritten description and photo of… more
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