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Will a Buyer Call on Christmas Day?

Do You Keep Your Phone on During Christmas Festivities?

Christmas callsIt was several years ago when we put our home on the market the week before Christmas. We fully expected to have no action until after the holidays were done but wanted to get a jump on having it market ready and looking good with all the holiday decor.

About midday on Christmas Day the phone rang. The caller apologized for calling and disturbing our Christmas but had seen the sign while visiting some friends of theirs in the neighborhood. The caller wasn't expecting to see it that day but wanted to set an appointment for as soon as it was available to look. 

Furthermore, the buyer said it sounded like just what they were looking for. We set the appointment for the next day around noon and the buyer was grateful it could be arranged so soon.

The following day they arrived on time and within 5 minutes said they were ready to buy it at full price. They wrote a deposit check and said they would call their banker immediately and get a preapproval letter. Everything worked out like clockwork and the buyers closed in about 30 days.


The phone does ring on Christmas Day. Every year since I remember that serious buyers are out there looking and if driven or highly motivated, will make a step forward to buy a home even on important holidays.

Today with text and email so easy to use and not disrupting to anyone's schedule, an interested buyer can send a message and get an answer back quickly. I am not saying we need to pack our phone on our hips during celebrations but checking it from time to time can provide you with a viable new client. The one that responds timely usually gets the business. 


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