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Networking and Referrals, What Message Are You Conveying?

Networking is Great But Does It Produce Referral Business?


CRS (Certified Residential Specialists) has some excellent training and webinars and today I had the privilege of listening to one on how to get more referrals. 

Networking and referrals

There was one huge takeaway in networking besides showing people you care and staying in close touch. Both of those are a given. It was to make sure you are letting your network know that you want their referrals, covet their referrals and will treat their referrals like gold, every time. 

This may sound simple and implied when your network. But giving it deeper thought I remember many times in the past where a friend or acquaintance knew of someone that had a real estate need and failed to tell me about it. When I found out after the fact the friend said something like, I didn't know you worked a certain area or that you wanted to work with that type of buyer. I had dropped the ball on conveying that I want all referrals not just their business.

Shame on me for not making it clear I want every opportunity for new business. We agents know that referral business is the cream of the crop. This type of business prospect has already placed trust and has been given a valued endorsement by a friend or colleague. Half the job is done.

Now my objective is to make it clear in all my networking situations and interactions that I want referrals, all of them, will value them and will be very appreciative of them. I will somehow work that into every conversation in a gentle but convincing way so it wil not be forgotten.

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