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Time Management is about Getting Focused

Where does the Time go?

When you love what you are doing, time seems to pass very quickly. I have been loving my career in real estate for 37 years and it has been very good to me. I had to learn to master my days or my days would be mastering me.

Alaska roads traveled

There have been times I have wished for more hours in the day. Jokingly I have said with just 2 more hours each day, I could do everything I want or need to do. Since that hasn't happened, I have figured out how to focus and get control of my days. 

It takes planning and systems. I am a huge believer in time blocking. I am so good at it, that I can block out all distractions around me and churn out the work in record time. I use my quiet time to massage ideas into shape and get possible resolutions which makes my work time more focused and on point.  This makes for truly productive time blocking productivity, too. My systems give me access to my files wherever I am. That too makes me more efficient, more relaxed and in control.

My workdays vary with meetings and client needs and prospecting for future business. Priorities are always first and once settled or resolved, pockets of time open up for more relaxed and fun activities like a leisurely lunch, a few minutes of shopping or doing some cooking, baking or gardening.

Part of working hard means there are rewards. My travel is my reward and I pack a lot into any trip. I want it to be a meaningful, learning experience. My husband is kind enough to let me do all the planning and packing in the adventures. 

Meanwhile while traveling, I have my work life in good order because of my systems and prior planning. Thinking about next year, I have several trips planned with a special one to Italy to visit our son. I will do it with no regrets because work will be taken care of.

This is an entry into the Time Management Contest.

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Time Management is about Getting Focused
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