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5 Good Reasons to Have a Broker's License

Why Get Your Brokers License?

Goal settingIn many states, there are lower license statuses than having a full broker's license. For instance, in Tennessee, you must have an affiliate brokers license for at least 3 years, take the Broker's Office Management Course and have dozens of additional educational hours to qualify to take the broker's exam. With all that extra work, why should an agent aspire to get a Brokers License? 

  1. It is good to set goals. If you plan to stay in the real estate business this is a natural step to attain and certainly will not hurt you.
  2. The education is good for you. Taking those extra classes will let you know what is involved in being a broker or owning or running a real estate brokerage. You will see it from the other side.
  3. Some respect comes from this level of licensure. Your peers and even the public realize that it is an achievement and may seek you out.
  4. It opens doors of opportunity. In Tennessee, you can open your own company, become a manager or trainer, teach real estate classes and in some situations even hold more positions and roles at your local Realtor® Association.
  5. It's liberating. Having a brokers license means you are in control of your future and have choices. I tell new agents to work toward getting their brokers licenses because it just makes sense for their career growth. The benchmark or state requirements can change in the future and be getting one in the future may be a lot harder.

I think it's a smart thing to do. Having more knowledge is power and having more options enables you to look at your future with bigger eyes. 

Why Get Your Broker's License? It is liberating. I have never regretted having a brokers license which enabled me to manage agents and open my own real estate company. Many opportunities would have passed me by if I had not had it. You may never choose to manage agents or own a company but I can guarantee that knowing you could if you wanted to is empowering.

If you thinking about getting your Broker's License, is it on your plan for this year? 

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5 Good Reasons to Have a Broker's License
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